Hawaii Part Two.

one night we went on a catamaran.
complete with fireworks, a hawaiian bbq, star gazing, pineapple cake and a luau. 
it was pretty fun. 

as you can tell the asians were having a blast.
that's three, yes three of them dead asleep.

horseback riding the next day.
but of course we had to start it out with a little speed walking competition.
my dad thinks he won but he didn't.
he cheated.

i like to think that i love horseback riding.
but really i'm freaking out inside.
have you ever seen those things up close?
they are huge. kind of intimidating.
basically i'm a profesh horseback rider now.
and the views on the horseback ride? gorgeous.

wednesday i went through the temple.
it was so pretty.
and the people who helped me were so nice.
i'm not gonna lie, it was a very different experience.
but one i know i will understand and grow to have testimony of in time.

the trip went by so fast and it was so so fun.
are you ready for a little cheesiness. 
this trip was one of those moments were i just felt incredibly blessed. 
to be in such a beautiful place with an amazing family. 


The Ugly Faces of Hawaii.

Because going back to work the day after Christmas and after a week and a half off work just blows.
So why not make it a little better with a few funny faces.


I'm feeling a little extra blessed this Christmas.
We had yummy food on the table and didn't have to worry if we would have to starve or not.
I get to watch my little cousins open gifts with huge smiles on their faces. Some families are missing little ones this year because of a heartless shooting.
I am blessed with health and strength and don't have to spend my Christmas in a hospital bed.
We have presents under the tree and didn't worry if we would have enough money to even have gifts.
I get to watch the soft snow falling from my warm bed, not on the cold streets huddled in a corner.
And most importantly I am blessed to have a Savior who was born so many years ago this day.


Hawaii Trip: Part One.

Can we please talk about how amazing Hawaii was? 
The second we landed in Salt Lake I already wanted to go back. 
We didn't plan anything beforehand and just kinda did whatever we felt like that day and let me tell you, that is definitely the way to go. 

We stayed at The Turtle Bay Resort. 
Which was amazeballs. 
I heard The cast of The Hunger Games was staying there too, but never saw anyone. 
So basically I'm famous now. 
Every night we would open the windows and fall asleep to the sound of the ocean.
And every morning we would sit on our balcony, listen to the ocean and enjoy the breathtaking view. 
I was obsessed. 

One day we went to Waimea Falls. 
I wish I could describe to you how incredibly beautiful this place is. 
But truly I could not do it enough justice. 
I don't even think these pictures do it enough justice. 
Everything is straight out a fairy tale. 



While we were there The Cast of Hunger Games was filming. 
I don't think very many people understand or even know of my love for The Hunger Games. 
I about peed when I saw their trailers. 

Of course you can't go to Hawaii and not go to a luau, so we chose the one at the Polynesian Cultural Center. 
So so good and so so fun. 
I wish I could have gotten pictures of the dancers, but it wasn't allowed.
The flashes from the cameras throws off their groove I guess. 
But man do they know how to shake their money makers. 

That pineapple drink....yeah....complete HEAVEN. 
I want one right this second. 


weekend goodness according to my iPhone.

Friday I played nanny for the night and watched the cutest boys ever.
We made some delish cookies.

Hunter insisted on licking his cookies instead of eating them.


Then there's this cutie pants.
The most well behaved and mellow child I have ever met.
Haha his face kills me in this.
Check out that intense stare.

Saturday night was our annual Butt Fugly Christmas Sweater party.
It was a blast like always.
Santa even came to visit this year.

Ian riding Shartel's white elephant.
It was great.

And now I'm in paradise.

Good weekend? I think yes.


Every year my Madre, sister and I go the Festival of Trees. 
And every year the trees get better and better. 
And the crowds get bigger and bigger-serisouly, I swear all of Utah was there last night. 
It's one of my favorite traditions. 
Just puts ya in the Christmas spirit ya know? 

My favorite tree this year was this Princess and the Frog one...
It was so stinkin' cute.

Then of course the gingerbread houses were amazeballs, like always.
How these people find time to spend countless hours on all the little details on these things is beyond me.
I was impressed.

Then we ended the night like we do probably every night we spend with each other, doing what we do best...shopping.
Remember how when I shop now I shop for all things missionary?
Mostly this just gives me another reason to shop :)


hello, old friends.

You know how randomly you stumble upon an old picture of someone you knew and used to be friends with and think, I wonder what ever happened to them....
Well, that's kinda like this blog. 
I stumbled upon it the other day and thought, hey what ever happened to that thing. 
Good news. It's just the same as a left it. 
Bad news. I have SO much to catch up on. 
So what better way to do so then with some pictures right? 

Went on the most amazeballs trip ever with some good friends. 
I want go back. Like right this second.

Can we please talk about how freakin awesome the castle is at Christmas time? 
I could die. 
Truly this picture just does not do it's justice.

And then there is this castle.
This is the second time I've been and it was just as cool, if not cooler than the first time.
There is THEE most fun ride ever inside this thing.

Thanksgiving came and went waaaay too fast.
It was spent with lots of good food, good friends and always good family.

And how could I forget Halloween?
Mike once again thew an amaze party.
Let me tell you, Mike is the Martha Stewart of party planning.
Everyone always has a good time.
{also, please note the awesome photo bombing happening in the last photo}

I ran a 5k with some friends in honor of the most amazing and strongest person ever.
Let me tell you, 5k's make you feel like a million bucks when you're done.
One, you've done something for a good cause.
Two, you just ran 3.2 miles.
Three, I mean come on, you ran a 5k that's kinda a big deal, especially when you've never done it before.

This little one is still the cutest most, annoying thing around. 
She's the best cuddler, hands down.

Oh and this is kinda big news. I am going on a mission!
I am going on a mission- i like to say it more than once and out loud. 
It makes it seem a little more real. 
In just a few short weeks Albuquerque, New Mexico is going to be my new home for the next year and a half. 
To say that I am excited would definitely be an understatement :)
I cannot wait to get out there and do the Lords work! 

Phew! Still with me? 
And I know that's definitely not all that's happened within that last few months since I've blogged. 
Basically in a nut-shell, these past few months have been awesome! 
And I am SO blessed. 
So so blessed.